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A cacao company

We trade cacao, from beans to butter to cake and powder.

It's not the ordinary deals we celebrate, but the challenging ones.


Cacao, the product that brought LIFE to where it is today, is still the most important product in our portfolio. LIFE is lead by cacao traders who  have earned their positive reputation because they go out of their way to provide customer's needs.

LIFE is the connection between the agricultural field and the market; we work with respect for people and planet. We have Rainforest Alliance/UTZ, Fair Trade and Organic certifications to support this.

From our office in The Netherlands we supply the international industry in Europe, the middle East, North-America and Asia.


Currently LIFE provides cacao beans, butter, mass/liquor, cake and (alkalised) powder. We also do expeller cocoa cake and expeller cocoa butter. These products are delivered by our trusted supply chain partners.  We are globally present, with sources  in Tanzania, Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Malawi, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Peru, Ecuador.

Cocoa Powder


We are committed to make our industry more sustainable together with our partners. This means reshaping the future of cocoa by being a part of Rainforest Alliance and other related organizations. We focus on how we can help our suppliers to implement improvements to their farming communities, the working conditions of their employees and the environment.  Our long-term goal is to only source sustainable and traceable cocoa products.



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